Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beliefs Can Change Your Life - 4 Things You Must Know to Have a Successful Life

Success in life means different things to each person. No one can tell you what success looks like for you. But one thing that is true for every person is that what you believe about yourself and about life will determine your success or failure.

  • The first of the four things you should know in order to achieve what you want is to know what you really desire in life. The biggest problem most folks have is they are too vague when they describe what they want. When we are growing up most of us do at least some daydreaming and we picture in our minds exactly what we want. Go back to dreaming of the things you want to have, do or to be. Then find articles or pictures of those items in your dreams. Create a bulletin board filled with these pictures and never stop believing that you will get them.

  • None of this matters unless you get to step two. Keep putting yourself in those pictures until you believe you are worth it. Develop a mind set that says you deserve them. Here is where picture repetition is important. Put that bulletin board where you will see it every day until you know that it is yours, whether it is a car, house, a cruise or an accomplishment you want to achieve. That is how many of the world's great athletes win their gold medals.

  • Next step is to know that you can do it. Who cares what others think of your goals and dreams? It is your life, not theirs. Too many people let others live their life for them.

  • The last of the four steps is to "just do it". Once you believe what you are capable of then put your mind to taking action. Planning is the key to this step because nothing worthwhile achieving is accomplished overnight. Make a list of action steps you can take to reach your goal. Always have another goal worth aiming for so that you do not have to ask, "What is next?"

Do not make excuses such as, "If only..." or, "I do not have the talent". If you really want to have, be, or do something then you have the ability within you. If the talent needed is hidden you can find it when you look hard enough.

Remember the words of Napoleon Hill, written in 1928, "You can do it, if you believe you can". These are just as true today as they were when he wrote them. And finally, always SHOW UP TO WIN. You cannot win unless you are in the game. But just showing up is not enough. Many very talented athletes and their teams lose the game because they did not believe they could win. When you expect to win, you will. So believe it and just do it.