Saturday, December 19, 2009

Habits That Can Repel Abundance

Even as we are trying to attract greater abundance into your life, we may also have a few habits that could be pushing it away.

Below are three of those destructive habits and helpful tips for turning them around.

Denial is Never Beneficial

When our financial picture looks bleak, we may be tempted to bury our head in the sand and refuse to face reality because it seems so frightening. Unfortunately this fear can cause us to react in unproductive ways, like stuffing overdue bills into a drawer because we can't pay them, or avoiding balancing our checkbook because we're afraid to see the balance.

Eventually we learn that avoidance only makes negative conditions worse. If we instead make a commitment to face our current situation, we often realize that it isn't as bad as we feared. Taking it a step further, we can also decide to get organized and create a plan for improvement in the future - and that is often enough to make us feel empowered. Taking just one step in faith is often enough to get the ball rolling in a more positive direction.

Worry Begets More Worry
We usually worry because we think it will help us avoid disaster - but all it really does is contribute more energy to the very things we are worrying about; and it doesn't end there, either.

Worrisome thoughts also have a large impact on the actions we take - or don't take - on a daily basis. In this context, we see clearly that negative thoughts are destructive on many levels. Once we have begun to realize the true power of our thoughts, we have a responsibility to use them wisely by consciously choosing to focus on abundance, hold positive expectations, and demand the success we deserve.

Fear Paralysis

Have you ever been too frightened to grab hold of an opportunity that was presented to you? Maybe you worried that it must be "too good to be true" so you didn't trust it. Perhaps someone close to you warned that you weren't capable of achieving such a thing, so it would be better not to try at all. Whatever way it played out, you can probably still feel a sense of disappointment about not taking the chance when you had the opportunity.

While it may be too late to take advantage of the chances you left in the past, there is nothing stopping you from making a promise to yourself right now that you will grab hold of present and future opportunities without a second of hesitation.