Thursday, December 17, 2009

9 Surprising Secrets of Natural Organizers

Here is no denial that some people have the gift to get themselves organized and get their feet in getting things done. Before we ponder about the gifted abilities, are there really secrets that they posses, that made them more efficient and organized? Some so-called secrets that you are going to read in a moment will shock you. We got to say that, even a person that is disorganized in his life can learn from the tips and become more efficient in whatever he do.

Just do it!
Follow the Nike tag line. Just do it and now. Procrastination leads to getting work piled at the later part of your day and life!

Throw your stuff away (without thinking)!
Organized people do not hesitate about throwing things away. They won't be tempted to keep old worn out appliances around "just in case". They keep whatever can be use now.

Get into routine.
Make it a habit of doing things at one shot. Clean the basin when you are using it. Shine the mirror after brushing your teeth. No we are not being clean freaks here. It's about doing things at that point of time which won't be left for a later date.

Put things where it should be.
Disorganized people tend to dump things everywhere. Literally everywhere. Organized people on the other hand keep things in organized manner and they know where to retrieve them in future.

Write important dates on the calendar.
Remember to check the calendar for important events. Organizer people do it everyday to keep updated of the event up coming for the day.

Pick up yourself.
If things are left all over the place, take the initiative and pick things up, place it where it should be. Put them away before the mess gets out of hand.

Invest in organizing tools.
But be sure that you like it and you use it frequently. If the system is unrealistic or unhandy, you won't use it.

Spare the little energy on small tasks.
Many times the small tasks of putting things away and keeping things clean take much less time and energy than we think they will. Always remember, every little tasks completed is a contribution to complete a major task. While the task is small, it may be significant in the long run.

Get yourself a daily planner.
Daily planner can be anything from a decent calendar to just a piece of paper. The key thing is to use it CONSISTENTLY.

Anyone, literally anyone can do it. They are in matter of fact, little things that we can do everyday with minimal effort. The real secret is the discipline in keeping your toes up to these little things. For those of you who are struggling with disorganization, such simple tips can really give you the real boost in efficiency.