Saturday, November 28, 2009

Be Different, Unique, Opposite (DUO)

It’s hard to compete against your competitors if you just follow what they do. Whether your competitors are cutting prices, enhancing quality, or aggressive marketing, if you are just following what your competitors are dictating, you can never catch up. Do the opposite of what your competitors are doing and become good at it to distinguish yourself.

If your competitor focuses on quality, focus on quantity. If your competitor focuses on cheap pricing, make it expensive and luxurious. Reverse what your competitors are doing to indirectly compete against them. This is the best way to distinguish your brand and compete effectively.

Many businesses fail to recognize that they need to be different in order to indirectly and effectively compete against competitors. Many businesses do whatever the competition dictates which results in massive loss in resources and a brand that cannot distinguishes itself. Be unique and distinguish your brand through your differences.

Never follow what your competitors are doing. You may want to know their next move, but don’t copy them for you are just being their shadow. Be creative and unique by doing things that your competitors lack on to compete with them indirectly.

Target Competitors Weakness

Whenever your competitors make a move, weaknesses appear that are unexpected to them. Discovering them is a matter of research and time put forth and the possibilities are numerous on how to defeat them with this information.

When new products/services are offered by your competitor, you can research its weaknesses and use it to capture their market share. The flaws of the product or service and the options that are not offered can be your selling point when you research and develop a new product/service for your target market.

Targeting the flaws and weakness of others is a strategic move and an effective one at competing against others. When your competitor makes a move, weaknesses arises for you two exploit. You just need to look hard enough.