Friday, November 27, 2009

What Have Vibes to Do With the Law of Attraction

By Graham M Nicholls

What is the basis of the Law of Attraction?

There is a basic law in physics - matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed; they can only be changed from one form to the other. There is also the phenomenon that like energy seems to attract like energy. In some way shape or form, we are all radiating energy out into the universe. If we project this further, we even get real life black holes that seem to suck the energy from everyone around. The fact is that we all positively or negatively radiate energy depending on our emotional feelings at a given time of day or night.

All energy has a level of vibration - many call these "vibes" for short. Have you ever noticed when someone is happy or laughing, that the laughter becomes infectious? Try this out - get one person in a room to start laughing and see the reaction in the room. Laughter has also been quoted as being the "best medicine" for people recovering in hospital - hence we go to "cheer people up" when we go to visit them. On the down side, have you ever been with someone who is so unhappy, they have withdrawn from the world into a "black hole" - "draining" is often a term used when around people unfortunate enough to be in that space.

So, you see, this energy is very real on some level of the conscious or subconscious. Let's think about the mind for a moment - why have two levels? Why a conscious level and why a subconscious one? Here you will have to think about all the things that the subconscious does. Can you imagine how much stimulus you receive from the environment every second of every day? What if you had to consciously deal with every piece of information you receive? Your thinking would soon become paralyzed from trying to handle a million things at once. Not convinced, ok, how is the big toe on your left foot? Before I mentioned it, you weren't even aware of the big toe on your left foot - yet it has nerve endings too and receives stimulus from the environment, every second. The subconscious is the filter - it handles all the "auto-pilot" things and then raises them to the subconscious level when the need arises (most of the time, anyway - ever been late for an appointment because you had forgotten?)

The subconscious, then, is our auto-pilot. How did we teach it to do what it does? Mostly, this comes from childhood conditioning. As we grow up, we receive stimuli for the first time and we learn how to react. After years of growing up, the reactions are usually "programmed in" - we don't have to think about them. Great - but what if we want to change them? You see, the vibrations we send out are sent out on a subconscious level - we don't consciously think about projecting vibrations out into the universe (well, most of us don't, anyway!) - it's an unconscious (subconscious) act.

The thing is that the person who is sending out negative waves of energy does not consciously choose to be unhappy or to drain people around them (ok - there are a few exceptions - but mostly it is because they do not want to be alone in their misery). When people send out happy vibes, this is usually a spontaneous act - something great has happened to them and they want to share it with the world (winning the lottery for one!) And there are many different things that make someone sad or happy - we each react in a different way - and all of it on a subconscious level.

Ok, just what are the sorts of stimuli that produce positive vibrations? Usually they are created by good "feelings" (positive emotions) when we experience joy, love, excitement, pride, confidence, affection, comfort, relaxation feelings that we have all that we need - contentment.

On the other hand, the sorts of stimuli that produce negative feelings, negative vibes are those that produce disappointment, sadness, confusion, loneliness, lack of what we need, stress, hurt and anger. Have you ever heard the expression that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife? This is especially true around anger.

So - what does this have to with the Law of Attraction?

As I said at the beginning, the underlying theory of the law of attraction is that like energy attracts the same to it. So, if someone is sending out positive feelings, positive emotions, positive energy, then they are likely to draw more good things to them. On the other hand, the reverse is true. Have you ever had a day when, as soon as you get out of bed, you stub your toe, spill your coffee... and the day goes from bad to worse? Hm... now you get the idea of what I mean! (We've all had that sort of day!) In actual fact we become living magnets attracting more of what we send out into the universe.

I'm sure many of you know some people who always win no matter what the odds are against them? They find it as difficult to be unlucky as the other guy who constantly is in the mire no matter how hard he or she tries to get out of it, finds as difficult to be lucky (you know, when they turn around and say that if it wasn't for bad luck, they would have no luck at all!) Both sets are attracting the results of the energy they are giving off. Whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not, you attract whatever it is you give your energy and focus on.

The real problem is that this all happens on autopilot. Your subconscious is sending out the energy based on your own emotional feelings. Here's another example. When people focus on their bills, their debt - saying "all I want is to get out of this debt!" That is their declared goal. Unfortunately, their subconscious genie only hears the word with emotional focus - "debt" and turns around to the conscious and says "your wish is my command". You get more of the debt you "wished for". Try focusing on wealth and prosperity and not the debt, but do it with the same emotional intensity that you focused on debt, and see what happens in your life.

You have been conditioned since birth, to react emotionally at a subconscious level. A new born baby has only basic needs. How do we as parents know how to meet those needs which are not able to be expressed? Some even go further to say that babies in the womb listen to the external environment beyond the mother's body - taking in stimuli it does not know how to react to. Does this in turn condition the baby as to what to expect when it is born? That is a subject for debate on another platform - but certainly food for thought.

The one big problem with emotional vibrations is that no-one has been able to measure them!But we do know they exist!

The main thing to remember is that you have the ability to change the pattern. You have a conscious choice to accept your own responsibility for everything that happens to you and to train your subconscious to send out positive vibrations and not negative ones. When your conscious mind accepts that there is a way around all obstacles, the universe will listen and a way to achieve your heart's desire of wealth, health and love will be revealed to you. Your subconscious is your "genie" who is the tool of the universe that says "your wish is my command!" Emotion is the key that unlocks the full potential of the law of attraction

The law of attraction began to gain popularity in the western hemisphere in the 19th century, as people began to appreciate the power of positive thinking and apply it to their life. This new concept was first introduced to the general public by William Walker Atkinson, the editor of New Thought magazine, who published a book called Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World in 1906.