Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surpassing the Bar - Living Up to Your Expectations

Do you expect that you can achieve greatness? How about when you hear the phrase, "you were born for greatness," do you believe those words to be true - about you? Do those words increase your expectancy in your ability to achieve greatness? Do those words motivate you to set your bar (expectancy) high?

If it hasn't become apparent to you yet, understand that you must come to consider probable or certain your chances of achieving greatness. Meaning, if you are to set the bar high, you must possess a high level of expectation in yourself. In addition, if the bar is to be set by you, YOU must be your strongest advocate for what it is you think and know you can do. You cannot achieve your greatness, if you don't expect that you can be great. If you don't expect that you can be great, you will never set the bar high enough to achieve your greatness.

Your level of expectation in yourself is the bar that you set for yourself. Your level of expectation in your abilities to achieve greatness is similar to setting a bar that you step over to the next side. The higher the bar is set, the more challenging the cross will be to the other side. If the bar was here, at your ankles, would you expect to fail? Of course not! You would expect yourself to step over the bar - without tripping - to the other side. However, if the bar was set at your shoulders, you would expect the process of getting to the other side to be more challenging. Yet, would you doubt your ability to make it? You shouldn't. With each level in which you set the bar higher, you will experience stretching yourself (i.e. knowledge, skills, experience) in new ways that can prove beneficial to you and your ultimate success.

When was the last time you assessed all that you can do and summed it up to equal success? Can you honestly say that you are okay with pushing yourself out of your place of comfort to achieve the things you imagine? Have you been able to connect to a level of expectancy that you can achieve greatness? Are you in a state of connecting to your greatness?

Connecting to your greatness requires that you recognize your innate ability to be great in whatever you set your mind to do. Yes, others may tell you that you can be great, but you must be able to think it, see it, and do it for yourself. You must be comfortable with expecting greatness from yourself, especially when others don't. When you comfortably connect to the understanding that you can achieve greatness, you will be able to surpass the expectations that you've placed on yourself. Although others will place expectations on you, too, the expectations that you place on yourself will be the expectations that will carry you higher in your personal and professional success.

Therefore, challenge yourself. For every endeavor you engage in and for every space that your presence occupies, do yourself a favor and remember to connect to your greatness by expecting that you can be great. When you place a level of expectancy on your abilities, it will allow you to:

- Establish the bar (determine the goals you want to achieve),

- Maneuver the bar (strategize the steps needed to achieve your goals), and

- Surpass the bar (do the necessary work to meet and reach your goals).