Saturday, November 7, 2009

Taking Action Pays Dividends - 3 Key Points That Will Have You Taking Action in No Time at All

When you take action every single day towards what you want, it gets easier and easier to take the next action the next day. Simply because if you do things over and over again it becomes habitual or habit forming.

No one ever turns up for work and smacks themselves on the forehead and says flipping heck I forgot to get dressed this morning.

This is because our subconscious mind has been programmed into knowing that we get dressed every morning. We just know that we get dressed before we go out to work.

When you apply the same simple logic to your big goals, you will find yourself mastering the taking action habit. Simply write down your big goals somewhere you easy to notice (on my white board at the side of you my computer works for me) then take one action every single day that takes you closer to achieving them.

Simply by taking action and completing one of the goals that you have set yourself every day, you will reach an unstoppable force making it easier and easier to achieve your goal.

You know, perhaps the biggest mistake people make that limits their self-belief and efficiency in situation after situation is to wait until they are completely happy/certain with something before taking action.

Yet what sets high achievers apart is they have developed a habit of taking action before they feel completely ready.

You may have had an idea in the past, and some time later you find that someone has beet you to it. You see the difference between you and the person who got your idea out there is: 'THEY TOOK SOME ACTION.'