Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lack of Self-Esteem Needs Attention When You Are Going Through Major Changes in Your Life

Even the most self-confident people may experience times in their lives when their self-esteem has been impaired. This may be after a divorce, loosing a job, being subjected to mobbing, finding oneself as a middle-aged person having to start up again in a career, instead of moving into retirement. Sometimes, we may not be aware that a chronic lack of self-esteem has inched itself into our lives, causing us to loose trust in our capabilities and making us feel depressed.

Diminished self-esteem can occur gradually. Consequently, we tend not to recognize this as such. The danger then is that we spend far too much time without being consciously aware of the fact. This is a great pity, since any changes in our life, negative or positive, also mean challenges and great opportunity for new possibilities. For these to happen, we need to take action and require all the energy and courage we have. If we are lurking in a muddy well of diminished self-esteem, we will lack the energizing, positive attitude required when starting out on new ventures.

The faster we can get rid of any feelings of insufficiency, experiencing lack of worth, dealing with diminished self-esteem or even depression, the faster we can move into a life that will fulfill us and make us happy again. There are many ways of regaining our confidence. If severe depression has developed, professional help may be required, or some kind of spiritual support. In this state of mind it is difficult to create a new future. It may be necessary to spend a few months eliminating emotional pain and rebuilding strength, both physically and emotionally.

If loss of self-esteem is still in the early stages, it will be easier to get back on course. In this case, being surrounded by caring people can be very supportive. This may be with family or friends; or it may be necessary to seek support outwards within a group of people going through a similar situation. Everything that resonates with a deep sense of worthiness, beautiful music, unspoilt nature, good films, animals, can help strengthen self-esteem. The faster you can move into a new direction, and conjure up renewed energy and enthusiasm, the faster you will build up your self-esteem and rediscover your own very special sense of value.