Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frustration and Regret

By Jenny R

Two of the most difficult emotions that interfere with positive creation and achieving desire are frustration and regret. The two can be felt alone but many times accompany each other. Overcoming frustration and regret can be such a difficult task. People are conditioned to look back at past decisions and dwell on them. Past decisions that they believe brought them to where they are now.

The hardest thing for many to understand is that those decisions may have played a part in bringing them to where they are but did not create how they are. Differentiating between the two can be troublesome.

To succeed in achieving lack of frustration and regret, there are a few steps that one can follow.

First and foremost, is remembering forward thinking, thinking of the good that lies ahead. With that being said, many people need to practice forward thinking often to achieve relief from frustration and regret.

A way that I found helpful when practicing forward thinking in regards to frustration and regret is to think back for just a moment, and realize that at the time of the decisions you were making the best decision you could with the knowledge you had at hand.

The above technique promotes forgiveness and although every decision that was made may not require forgiveness, the forgiveness promotes relief. The relief then guides the individual to bring on more relieving thoughts.

A final technique I have used is the flow chart. The flow chart has many different aspects which I will cover in a later post. In a nutshell, a flow chart is the actual drawing out of different times, what you was thinking at those times, and why you made the decision. The flow chart assists in releasing frustration and regret because people can actually see that they did their best at that time. Since individuals have a great tendency to be visual in nature, this process of having something tangible in there hands for them to see can be very beneficial.

When all else fails, facing the harsh reality that you are frustrated and regretful because of your own choosing is in order. This tough love is not comfortable but can smack you back into alignment if you listen to yourself.

He who angers you conquers you, and unfortunately at times that person is yourself.