Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I wait..

I wait..

Here I am,
Here I stand,
With magical moonlight,
Enveloping my tearful soul,
Waiting for a warm loving caress,
Of a love lost long ago.
I wait patiently,
For the touch of an angel,
I loved, cared and trusted..
For eternity and more.
I cry, with the burden of tears,
To tell my beloved,
How much I care.
For what she misses,
How I faintly survive.
I wait for that caring warmth,
The one that has eluded me,
Now for years galore…
I wait,
For I know this pain,
This bruised heart,
my companion is my only savior.

And I wait,… for that elusive smile……

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3 Common Success Principles

Achieving success is probably at the very top of the list of most people's dream board. However, there are many who feel like success for them is beyond their reach. The truth is anyone can be successful if they really want to be.

It's all a matter of learning what to do. If you were to ask a variety of successful people how they were able to reach their goals for success, more likely than not, you would get a list with some of the same common success principles to abide by.

The commonality of success starts first with having the desire. There has to be a burning desire to want to be more, do more, and have much more than you currently possess. A desire to make a change in your life.

Then there is making a commitment. This commitment is made to yourself. You commit that you are determined to get out of life all that you expect. Success requires three main decisions. They are also known as common principles.

To know what you want. To know what it will cost. Be willing to pay the price.

Of course, there are many requirements on the road to success, one that is of the utmost importance is be willing to invest in yourself. Right thinking is critical, especially when it comes to the subject of yourself. It is human nature for us as people to be our own worst critics. This is why developing a strong positive self image of yourself is so crucial.

Napoleon Hill teaches us that imagination is more powerful than knowledge and everything begins with imagination. So, go ahead and imagine yourself already as the person you want to become.

If you are going to be successful, you should start with the end results in mind. That means, acquiring the skill to imagine and seeing in your minds eye, you living a life of abundance and prosperity just the way you envisioned it.

Success is obtainable when you are clear about whether you are you making a commitment or making a wish when using the 3 common success principles?