Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Stop Your Anger

- By Beth Kaminski

Depression and anxiety is said to be the cause of uncontrolled anger. When a person is constantly worry about things they have no control over or even have control over it often causes depression. If you feel that, there is no hope your sad emotion will implode on your life and cause you to sink into a whirl of chaos. Taking control of your emotions produces good results. If you feel that the world is crumbling down then you are probably thinking negative, which instigates depression and anxiety.

In this article, we will discuss some anxiety disorder treatment techniques to help you cope with anxiety, depression, thus relieving uncontrolled anger. First, let us take a look at your symptoms. Do you feel like you are going out of your mind? Do you shout in your head I cannot take it anymore? Do you feel like someone is out to get you? Do you think people view you as a crazy person? If you are suffering any one or all of these symptoms or thoughts then you are in the process of suffering anxiety and depression.

One way to solve a dilemma is to first look at yourself critically. Some may not even know the root of the problem. If you don’t know, how would you expect to find the solution? The answers may lie deep inside you, you just need to dig deeper. Having a closed mind will not help at all. You are not allowing yourself to try and look at things differently which can actually be good. If you feel that you are habitually affected by others, this could be that you are mentally unwell. See a doctor to get help.

Anxiety and depression will play tricks with your mind and sometimes the thoughts are a result of a chemical imbalance. If you believe, people think you are crazy you might want to remember that most people have their own problems and have no time to analyze you as a person. When you walk into a room and think that people are staring at you, you might want to remember that people observe things around them, making sure everything is ok and then return to their own lives. If you feel like you cannot take it anymore, pick up your torture stick and walk another mile or get anxiety disorder medication.

Life struggles are natural. Everybody goes through them at some point in their lives. This should not lead to excessive stress for you. Find something that can lessen your pressure. Take some time off the mundane tasks and take a rest. Do something that you like and enjoy. This can make you feel happy again.

There is no point in throwing away your precious time to worry about something not worth while. Never under estimate your ability in solving your own problems. You just need to have an open mind so you can find the right answers. Most of the time, they actually lie deep within you. Try to set practical goals and plan practical ways to attain them. Remember that without worries, you will be without stress.

Indulge in something you like to give some contentment and take your mind away from problems. There are some relaxation methods that you can learn in order to calm down. Learning breathing techniques and doing the things that you love can do wonders for your mind. Set achievable targets so that you can achieve them without difficulties. When you have learnt to deal with stress, you can be forever free of anxiety and depression.

Concentrate on living your life than be troubled with what you are not doing. This will help to be more content. Don’t let anger take over your life. Learn to deal with emotions so that you don’t waste your time worrying about something so insignificant. Depression will only direct you towards poor anger management.