Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Step At a Time

"One Step At a Time" - that is the sum of all success and each and every achievable quest. Each step represents a sign to show you that you are very close, even if it is tomorrow, tomorrow will require its own steps and no being can do it for you except your own self.

Which expert in the building trades has ever built a great tower and never started with one brick?

Who has ever started to walk without crawling and standing up to take that triumphant first step?

I shall take each step, unshaken by all the chains that I allow myself to bind me, and rebuke them out of my path.

The chain of fear.

The chains of the mind that make me feel inferior.

My past failures and faults

I will rebuke these for these will invite procrastination and stop the next step that will bring me closer and that giant step that will cause my future to flourish. In this manner, I will become a slave to my accomplishments and life will have meaning.

In the harshest of all storms, in the scorching sun and the coldest days, I shall know that these are there to help me to be stronger for nature has seasons that keep benefiting its habitat.

Each and every rebuff and obstacle I will call friend, for they will teach me the art of perseverance and endurance and my crown humbleness, as these are the secrets to all glory under the sun.

When all spectators tell me what to do, I will commit to learn only secrets they posses of success while forgetting their advise of pity, for the fear they hold is too contagious to my steps.

What storm does not pass under the sun?

What victory does not end?

Each day I will know that every event of failure and every event of victory shall pass. I will take one step and another one until this great tower, this legacy, is well completed.

Only with a step.