Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The price of arrogance


Is it

Simply a human condition

The following article is based on daft, spontaneous thoughts which can strike us all at the oddest moment, such as a busy motorway service station, or simply watching folk while relaxing on a weekend shopping expedition! Everyday meeting places where humans go casually about their daily life, happily mingling with fellow humans in the locality.

Doubtless you have been in similar situations and if you think about it, do these very normal human social interactions someway mirror that African Serengeti documentary you watched on television last week?

We naturally assume we are different (superior) from all the other animal species on this planet, but given the opportunity, when our guard is down, apparently we are quite happy to emulate some of them, a natural instinct? Of course, perhaps suggesting that if it wasn't for that monumental fluke during our evolutionary journey through to today we may still be chewing grass, or eating nuts along with many of our close animal relatives.

Homo Sapiens have most likely been around in an upright stance; during various stages of recognisable evolution for an estimated five to six million years, Seems like eons of course, but it is not so very long compared to let's say, the total extent of all life on this planet!
Now what I find remarkable, even frightening, is that during this relatively short existence, perhaps several billion humans have spawned, produced the next generation and then simply died, its true' and I'm wondering about that age old question, what's It all about? Is all existence merely a mindless conveyor belt of life for no specific reason whatsoever, or are we on an intelligent, calculated journey to a distant future that at this moment we cannot possibly comprehend?

These days humans can generally expect an anticipated, but unavoidable death somewhere between zero and eighty/ninety years, quite lengthy compared to our ancestors relatively shorter lifetime just a mere two hundred years ago. Well I suggest that this ever increasing life expectancy is totally against nature's original plan for us, which was simply that succeeding humans remain on this planet just long enough to produce and rear the next generation!
Today with our comfortable, healthy lifestyles, we objects strongly to natures old fashioned short life concept and assisted by ever advancing medical science, we have developed an almost demonic will to survive for as long as possible, often allowing us thirty, or even forty years of extra life after our child producing/caring days are over.

Good for us you may think, but this ever growing long life trend is really confusing nature, as it allows the human populations to grow unrestrained, disastrously affecting the natural, delicate balance between all species, while our bad habits readily pollute this precious planet in the process! Not unreasonably, nature would prefer us to become fertiliser immediately after we have done the business, which is of course, totally acceptable for all other life species, isn't it?

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this problem for nature (and us) started when the human species developed a reasoning ability, a progressive, fairly recent condition, perhaps unique to our species. Doubtless because of this reasoning power, we are almost totally self-righteous, assuming that we are the Special Ones' in an overall plan for the existence of all things, should there be one! Most of us naturally (or unnaturally) assume that we are going somewhere spiritually after physical death!

A quite understandable concept, as our most powerful survival instinct, together with this new reasoning ability will not let us die, ever! Of course it is perfectly acceptable for all other species to just rot away, unless of course it's Fido the family dog, who being a beloved friend will naturally be allowed to join us in the great hereafter. So not only are we humans exceptional, we can actually choose a lesser creature to accompany us on our spiritual journey, Wow!

It is little wonder that we humans as a species are now totally arrogant, actually believing that we are by far the top dog on this fragile world and that no one has in the past, or will in the future supersede us. A most terrifying egotistical thought, and to top that, we even deem within our amazing conceit that we are almost totally responsible for all the good or bad that happens to this planet, its true!

Of course there is little doubt that we should accept some responsibility for the problems that beset this small fragile planet, although I would suggest the damage is mainly cosmetic, repairable by us or nature once our species has run its course. How long the latter will be depends on how we deal with our innate self importance.
Life on this planet is presently unfathomable, all existence almost certainly delicate and like everything and everyone, only able to take so much abuse. So take heed my friends; if we are not careful, arrogance and conceit will almost certainly be the final downfall of ourselves, all other life forms, even this very world that ably supports us.