Monday, August 10, 2009

4 tips to a Lifetime Happiness

How many Mornings do you wake to with low energy or low self esteem. Sometimes, you don't even know you are feeling down. It becomes a habit to start out each day feeling bad. I want to offer some tips to add to every morning, that will only take a few minutes each day to Yield a Lifetime of Happiness and Success.

Tip number 1.

Give yourself Victories each day Often we are our own worst enemy. We do not allow ourselves the chance to feel joy when we accomplish the smallest things. Get used to Verbalizing out loud and in writing the word Victory. When you wake up in the morning, say out loud Victory! After you get ready, Say out loud Victory! When you arrive at work safely say Victory! After accomplishing each thing on your to do list say VICTORY! Give yourself many victories a day and you will see the change in your feelings. Write them in your day runner or daytimer or whatever you use. Organize yourself each day, when you finish an appointment, no matter the outcome, say Victory and WRITE THE WORD VICTORY IN YOUR PLANNER. We are beginning to reprogram our minds. We are getting rid of the old programing and adding the new Happiness program!

Tip number 2.

Every Morning when you wake up: Write down 3 things that you are thankful for. Sounds easy doesn't it? There is a catch. You can only write down 3 I am thankful for items each day. Everyday, they have to be different I am Thankful fors. A friend of mine tells the story about me, that one day I wrote down I was thankful for Toothpaste, Toe Nails and Ears. He thought that was funny, but what would we do without those things. There are many wonderful people on the earth, who do not have each of them. There are so many little things in life we fail to remember and show gratitude for. It is important to write I am thankful for _________. That action will create a reaction of Positive feelings and gratitude in our subconscious. Get a small journal or notebook to keep all your thankful lists in. After 3 weeks of that small exercise I would like to hear of your results. Keep it going for a lifetime and you will find a new person.

Tip number 3.

Look for ways to sincerely compliment others. One sure way to improve your self esteem is to tell others something good about them. Try it. If you are with a friend, instead of gripping about work or some other person, Offer them a sincere compliment. I am not just talking about trite words. I mean a sincere compliment. Example to a friend might be: I noticed that when you speak to others you offer them a very nice smile. or: When you come into the room, you really brighten it. Thank you. or: That outfit you are wearing is very flattering to you especially the color. or: I really like when you offer me advise, you are always so positive. I think you are getting the picture. By giving someone a sincere compliment, you will notice that you will find yourself with more self esteem, more friends, More happiness and more success.

Tip Number 4

Always say nice things about another. How many times have you been with a party or group of people and they are discussing another in a non flattering way. How many times have you told something about another that you asked the friend to not tell anyone and sure enough the person finds out, and their feelings are hurt. How many times have you been the victim of that same thing. It isn't fun is it? When someone asks you about another, your response should always be positive about that person. Everyone has something good about themselves. Find the good in others. Look for the good in others. When you look for the good and find the good in others, they will find the good in you. Anything you give out, you will receive. If you want more friends, be friendly. If you want more love, be loving.

If you want people to say nice things about you, even in private, say nice things about them. Stay away from negative speak and thought! Avoid it like the plague, for that is just what it is. Start today. Make a new habit. We all know that this new habit will take at least 21 days to take hold, But Stick To It!!. Yes you can. Yes you will, Yes you are doing it. You are born into this life with the ability to gain all. You are born a winner. Somewhere we loose the little things that will buoy us up. Write these 4 tips down and track your Victories. I promise you that in 3 weeks you will find the real Happy you!

Tip Number 1. Give yourself Victories each day
Tip Number 2. Write 3 things that you are thankful for everyday. Each day it must be different
Tip Number 3. Look for ways to sincerely compliment another
Tip Number 4. Always say nice things about Someone. Thank you for reading this article. I appreciate your interest.