Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Power of Mission in Life and Attraction Marketing Excellence

by lee wise

Having developed a Personal Mission *and* a Mission Statement for My Business, I would say this from my personal experience (and from teaching this in class):
Developing a statement of mission is one of the most meaningful endeavors you can undertake.

** Several Up Front Suggestions **

1. Take the time to do it . and it does take time. I've spent hours getting mine to say and "feel" what I desire to communicate to myself.

2. Do NOT write a book. It should be brief enough to review quickly and yet say enough to motivate and inspire you. In my opinion, it should be brief enough to memorize easily and motivating enough to inspire you for the long haul.

3. Beware of common phrases: don't over use them. Remember, the key issue is *personal motivation.* (Unless, of course, the common phrase is significantly meaningful and motivational for you).

** Three Key Questions To Ask Yourself **
1.What really matters to me?
2.What will help me stay focused?
3.What words, concepts or phrases will motivate and inspire me to:

Become the person I *value* becoming?
Become the person I *get excited* about becoming?

** It Doesn't Have To Be For Life! **

Take this to heart: this is for now and not necessarily for life. You can change what you create. Ideas, words and concepts that motivate you now may change later. In that case -- change them later!

** In The End This Is What You Want **
When you sit back and review your statement, you should say somewhere deep inside of you statements such as these:
"Yes! That's me."
"Yes! That motivates me."
"Yes! That inspires me."
"Yes I want to live like that."