Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I dare to dream

I dare to dream,
For my dreams tell me..
I have yet to prove myself,
I have so much to see!

I dare to dream,
For I care a damn..
These pains and the agonies,
Are too small than what I am!

I dare to dream,
To go beyond, achieve and share…
The wealth and the beauty of this world,
To give it to those for whom I care!

I dare to dream,
For I am meant for big things…
The promise of a great future,
The glory of liberation and also the sweet nothings!

I dare to dream,
For I know no fear!
Yes, I dare to dream,
For I am what I am….

Facing Life After a Failure

How to look at things in a different perspective.

The best way to overcome the guilt about past failures is none other than to start with the basic step of acceptance. When you finally learn to accept and let go of the things beyond your control that is the time you are learning to forgive yourself. I know. I know. We can never rush things to sail smoothly like before. But, we all have to move on. Life is made up of series of unexpected events whether we like it or not. However, without asking too much I encourage you to consider the points below.
  • Know your limits. Failure is not an option. Whether you realize it or not, you still have the power to choose the right decision in reducing your chances to make another mistake or failure. For you to attain these you have to set modest goals for yourself at the same time you are aware of your own limitations. But, there is nothing wrong in challenging yourself to discover and cultivate your abilities. There's always a big room for improvements. Who knows? Even if you are not that good at basketball or can't even sing a note just remember this super philosophy "Everyone's an expert on something!"

  • Don't compare yourself. Sometimes, we tend to overlook other people's success into our own. We don't realize that it only torments our so-called egos to the point where we lose the passion and confidence to the things we are capable to do. We are created equal but shares different strengths and abilities. Galatians 6:4 encourage us to: "Let each one prove what his own work is, and then he will have cause for exultation in regard to himself alone, and not in comparison with the other person."

  • Don't let high expectation of other's affect you. These expectations are highly imposed by our immediate family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, collegues, husband, wife and others. Sometimes, it becomes either our advantage or disadvantage on our growth as a person to uphold our certain capabilities. As an end result, others try too much just to please people. To put it bluntly, people-pleasers are the worst kind of sugar-coated mentality ever exist in our society today. If be yourself is overrated. Let your true color shine through.

  • Be realistic. You must be man enough in facing your biggest mistakes and its consequences. Instead of blaming yourself forever for becoming a total failure. You have to sort things out on what went wrong and do better next time as simple as that. Remember your failures and mistakes doesn't define and make you a lesser person.

  • Avoid taking yourself too seriously. Sometimes, you have to find a sense of humor in simple things up to complex despite all the chaos. Life is boring without something to laugh about at the end of the day. So what if people laugh at you? You have to might as well laugh with them not at your mistakes but the thought of having someone out there to laugh with is the most rewarding thing.

  • Be "Rich in Fine Works". Brighten up a person's day by sharing positive thoughts. Give a little love and all comes back to you. Don't you just sit out there, sometimes you have to be the one to get involve, explore all the possibilities that life has to offer. Just go and have a life!

  • Seize the day. We have to learn how to live life as if it is our last because it is the only way we can appreciate how marvelous the gift of life. As well as counting our everyday blessings literally.

  • Be a blessing to others. No matter how well or bad they treated you be nice and open anyway. Sooner, they will come to realize it in return.

"There are always challenges at every stage in our life, overcoming them is what life is all about".