Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Personal Growth

  • Thinking you already know everything - This one is a big problem and can halt growth for a very long time. It´s the mindset that says: “I know how the world works." This attitude and close-mindedness will make it very difficult for you to grow.

  • Being confused by the marketing hype - The mindset in the first example isn’t totally of the mark. Though some marketing techniques may seem overly optimistic or kinda aggressive doesn't mean that the products are without value. Don´t confuse the sales techniques with the products.

  • Not taking action - Thinking that reading a book or blog will automatically transform you and your life. But knowledge without action on your part is not that very transforming. And only you can change yourself. Others can only give a bit of advice, support and motivation. But in the end, you have to take the steps in real life.

  • Giving up - At the first or third failure thinking “It´s no meaning. I am who I am and that can´t change. I just have to get used to that thought.” Don´t give up. One or five or 20 failures ain´t that big of a deal in the long run. You have to fail to get good at something and to grow.

  • Worrying about/listening to what others think - You might fear that people will react in badly to your change. And they might actually do that.
    Perhaps they do not want you to change because then they fear drifting apart and losing you forever. Or they might not want to see you improve as that will make them feel like they are standing still in life. Or give you unhelpful heap of negative thoughts on personal development and that it´s all just common sense, a waste of time and that in real life it doesn´t work like in the books.

  • Dabbling with it - Dabbling with your personal development and personal growth material on and off. Not committing to studying/action and developing it consistently as a part of your life.
    Perhaps you feel it´s just too hard. Or just not worth it. And therefore not commit to it. Keys to success with anything in life are consistency and patience. Commit to your personal growth.

  • Having unreasonable expectations - This stems from a lack of information. Sometimes both in quality and quantity. When you get you first start you may think that just reading one book will solve all your problems. Not having a reasonable picture of what you can expect will make you feel disappointed and like a failure for no good reason. This can quickly lead to giving up.
    To get good results, you need to know things like: you will be enthusiastic in the beginning – as with anything new and exciting - but that enthusiasm will probably dissipate. One motivating method I use to get out of that low emotional state is to develop an on-going habit of consuming development material, whether it is in the form of a books, blogs, audiotapes or dvds. I´m building my own small library and filling it with solid and practical advice on personal growth.
    Revisiting to a tape by Brian Tracy not only gets me motivated again but often presents me with ways to solve the problem at hand too. This habit - combined with action - will over time bring clarity to what you want, which methods that work best for you and the possibilities and limitations in your own personal growth.

  • Failing to/not wanting to (at least start to) understand yourself - To change yourself you have to learn about the processes inside yourself. How your emotions work. How you ego works. How you past experiences and habits can affect you. And what you can do about all of that. How you can help yourself. Even when parts of you are working against what you really want.

  • Not taking responsibility for yourself - This is absolutely essential. Don´t blame anyone else. It’s up to you to change.