Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Feel Confident

Step 1 - Reassure yourself of a good outcome.
For instance, you are skeptical about a job interview you have scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. You are not sure if you can manage all of the tasks stated in the online job description. The first thing you should do is reassure yourself that this job may actually be easier than you imagine. Reassurance helps build your confidence.

Step 2 - Listening to motivational speeches is an effective way to gain the confidence that you lack. You can download a motivational speech or watch a program on television. These speakers help you feel confident about your path in life.

Step 3 - Look in the mirror. Have a pep talk with yourself. You may have lost that zeal for learning or the inspiration to create another piece of art, but somewhere deep down inside the confidence resides. It is up to you to take a look at yourself and see what has always been there.

Step 4 - Try to confide in an older, much wiser person. Wisdom comes with age. There are instances where a wise person can help you put your situation into perspective. They can help guide you on a path of empowerment. Listening to a person who speaks wisdom and discernment will help those insecure feelings melt away.