Friday, May 8, 2009


Top 3 Ways to Follow Up To Your Prospects and Close More Sales

1. Send your clients a brochure

You can remind your clients of your services by sending them a brochure. This conveys a message to your customers that shows you’re interested in making their lives better, by offering them services that can provide extra benefits to their lives.

2. Tell them about some helpful websites
By sending a customer some links to some useful websites, you’re presenting yourself as a caring and considerate insurance agent, who is always looking out to improve their lives. You can send your client’s via e-mail some links to websites that contain interesting and beneficial information
Your clients will always be thankful, as long as you don’t be pushy and send them hundreds of web links per week.

3. Ask customers if they have any further questions
This has two benefits. First, by calling your clients up and asking them if they have any questions, you have a solid reason to call them. Second, you can find out what the customer’s worries are and what he/she needs, so that you can present a more direct and customized insurance policy. Calling customers up and asking questions shows that you care about their lives.

Bonus: Follow Up Tips for Insurance Sales Agents

Choose a communication method – usually between email, phone and mail
Always pay attention to your clients. You can always make references to previous conversations you had with the client, which shows that you really care, and you have a personal relationship with the client. You can write personal thank-you notes to let your clients know they’re doing business with a real, understanding person.

Try to make all follow-ups “short and sweet”. This means your follow ups have to be neat, professional and short so that your client won’t be bored. This principle should go with every follow-up you do – in your emails, phone calls or mail.
Don’t try to rush the deal-closing process by asking your clients if they’re ready to finalize their decision. This tells your clients that they’re being sold, and immediately puts their “anti-salesperson” guard on.

Don’t go overboard with the follow-ups. Let at least one week to pass between each follow-up session, so that you won’t annoy the customer and won’t appear try-hard.
Imagine you’re a close friend to your client, and they’ll feel like you’re actually helping them improve their lives with your insurance policies. Doing this will put their defensive nature down, and help you close the sale.