Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec the 1st.. A new beginning

Mangal Aarambh 13:10 pm

I am back.. Anxious, angry and frustrated by the siege on Mumbai. I wanted to write a lot and express my grief and frustration. However, mind was too heavy to pen down any thoughts. I condemn the acts. I hate the lapse in secuirty, I laud the brave soldiers and above all there is a strong sense to join the armed forces to contribute to the nation. Abstract thought I know, but the desire is too compelling. I refuse to sit and blame, I want to take charge.
I will.

Father's leaving for native place today. Heart is mellow and burdened, don't know when will I see him again. He has this habit of leaving us temporarily and not returning for years. Wish he would just stop his drinking habit. If only wishes were horses...

I am feeling a sense of control over my business after a very very long time. Today, I was in a position to get some of my outstanding money from customers cleared. It certainly boosts up my morale and is of great help in troubled times.

I am sure I will continue the aggressive streak and make a lot of money this month.

Have my management school lectures tomorrow.. Must prepare.

If intelligence and emotions interfere with each other... what does one choose? I wonder.