Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Mangal Aarambh


Had a great seminar today with the class of 12th and 15 th students. All young, vibrant, full of enthusiasm with so much honesty, innocence and hope in their eyes. Very rare to see this kind of true behavior once we cross a certain age. Wonder why?

They have their exams coming up and hence the owner of the coaching class, My dear friend Mr. Sachin Dhatavkar asked me to pep them up for the exams. Had a similar interaction with the same faces in July too.

I had to deliver three sessions of two hours each back to back from Morning 8 to 2 pm to three different batches of approximately 150- 180 students in each batch.

The content was specifically customised to their immediate problems like fear of failure, fear of exams, laziness, memorising problems, confidence and intense motivation. I prepared the powerpoints last night upto 10.30 and left for home pretty late. Got up at 4 am today and left for the venue at 5.30 am. Mumbai never sleeps, I catch a 6:01 Dadar local from Vasai and guess what the train gets packed to full house in just 1.2 secs of the train arriving on the platform. Fortunately, I catch a window seat. I look around, breathe the air, there's freshness in the air on this cool November morning, the sun is just about blossom over the planet, the lovely crescent moon in the east hovering above the far off mountains and I realise life is so beautiful, god made it with so much passion. And look at us simply destructing his creations and inviting our own doom.

I reach the venue on time, with my workmate Raghunath, what will I do without him, he's accompanied me to run the ppt's while I am presenting.. Great guy. The audience begins to gather, I ask Sachin to give me a small brief about my objective with each batch, I suddenly go blank, nervousness builds, hands start sweating, feet start trembling, the curious look on the students face scares me, I am on stage, my name being announced, 300 eyeballs stare at me... Mom, where are You.. I want to go home... I am scared.... Feel like the first day of school.

As I am invited to take over the stage, I pray and ask my students to pray too. Started this practice as I feel praying helps one focus on the task in hand and forget the world for that particular moment. Suddenly, I get a warm wave of energy in my body, My cold feet now start pacing up and down across the stage, I cry out loud GOOOOOOD MORNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING.... And I get a roar equal to a 1000 warriors in return GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNING SIR!

Fantastic... I am in charge, the audience's roar gets me into the frequency to teach, move them, motivate them and above all prepare them mentally to fight their upcoming exams and in life. I love it, their applause, their unified laughter, getting desired reactions from them every time I want one.... fantastic.. I feel as though the audience is breathing in symphony with me, they listen, ask and they explore... I love motivating people, I love the nobility in the profession, wanting others to win in life, I just love getting up every morning inspiring the world to do something great today and everyday... Simply, I am a satisfied speaker today, happy with my performance on stage, loved the audience, they connected with me too, I wish them all the best!!!!

truly.. I feel Like god today.. will definitely have a deep satisfied sleep.

Love Mohnish

P.s. Got to lose weight man...........