Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alls well that ends well!!

Mangal Aarambh

Guess what ! I didn't wake up at 5 am today as planned. In fact I didn't wake up at all as I just couldn't sleep last night. Dunno what kept be bothering.

Had a great morning with MBA students. Gave them a lot of material support to read which took them by surprise as I am the only lecturer who has done it for them yet.

I enjoy teaching marketing and sales. I get highly passionate and creative. Maybe it's because I worked under the best salesman in Eureka forbes in India Mr. Santosh nair, a great motivational speaker and trainer. Will speak about him some other day.

Back to morning, After my session with students I went in to meet the coordinator of the said B school to discuss about my absentiesm for the last 3 weeks. She did mention about it being unprofessional but immediately took her words back when I educated her that professionalism is reciprocal and as I haven't been paid for the last 3 months, I should put my foot down too and not work for free.
She agreed and has promised to pay my dues in the next 3 days, lets see.....

I actually went in there today to quit, as I felt I was being taken for a ride, I went their due to my commitments to my students, was to handover all the important notes so that they are not left in the lurch and I was about to leave forever.

But I don;t know what happened, I didn't fight, I am going to get the money I deserve and also I haven't quit...

Great.. So alls well that ends well
I have a motivational session tomorrow for about 500 students of Std 12th, 15th from 8 am to 2 pm at lower parel at one of my customers coaching classes.

Must prepare for tomorrow.. must leave...have to get up early again..i.e. if I sleep