Monday, November 24, 2008

Mangal aarambh

A bit frustrated right now. Leaving office.. interrupted by maternal calls regarding paternal immaturity and addictive annoyance.
Am worried. Hope i don't lose my sensibilities. have a very early session tomorrow at 7.30 am. Must get home, eat, sleep and must must get up at 5 am.
Hope I survive.

Is child really the father of man or is it just valid in my case... wondering?

Hope to have a great sales and business development day tomorrow.

Good night

Must get out !

Monday 24th November 2008 1:36 p.m. Mangal Aarambh

The day starts worried, apprehensive, tense and with a lot zest to do something big.
Confusing I know. I have been spending the weekend reading THE ANSWER by entrepreneur/Coach John Assaraf and Mr. Murray.

I also spent my Sunday overeating my favorite ladies finger curry. Feeling pathetic and guilty now.. I am very aggressively trying to lose weight.. in my mind that is but am unable to execute it physically. I motivate the world to go beyond the comfort zone but am unable to do so for myself in the health department. However, I have already started the process. Am on a veggie diet and moreover will start Yoga and cardio tonite in the office.

I have to get aggressive, follow a strict routine, controlled healthy diet and above all focus on sales in a big way for my coaching firm Maple Dreams. Business has suffered in the last one year due to my mental inability to push myself and my team. I went through immense pain and anguish after the sudden demise of my beloved Amma- my mom's mom... and more like an angel to me. Her death has left many questions unanswered, many dreams crushed and above all has taken away my purpose to take big strides in life and business. But I have now realized that this self imposed depression will only affect my existing family's financial security and my future.

I must get out of this self pity mode and must get back in shape mentally and physically... I must.... I must

And let the race begin.

Love Mohnish