Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I loved it when life showered me,

With the warmth of a family,

The frolic of friends,

The freedom with a lover,

The wealth at work,

The fame, the world bestowed me with.

And I loved every moment of it.

Today, I cry, shout in despair,

With pain, angst, revenge & pity galore.

I hate it when it showered me,

With the thorns of anger,

With the rage of dissonance.

Stones thrown at me and my existence,

My loved ones too, not left out.

And I hate every moment of it.

I realize, I am in life, I am me.

I move on, waiting for the sun to rise,

The birds to chirp again,

The breeze to soothe my wounds.

The sun does rise,

Birds do fly,

Breeze does soothe me…

And I realize didn’t they do so?

When I smiled &

When I cried.

This is life, I cry,

It’s me, who dances at the first ray,

Who moans as it sets.

It’s me, who feels the soothing breeze,

And curse it when it’s cold and chill.

It’s me; in birds that sees the liberty,

It’s me, who finds melody in their chirp.

It’s me who cries in victory

And smiles at a foe’s loss.

It’s me … yes… It’s just ME!!

I am in life, I am ME!