Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Mangal Aarambh


Had a great seminar today with the class of 12th and 15 th students. All young, vibrant, full of enthusiasm with so much honesty, innocence and hope in their eyes. Very rare to see this kind of true behavior once we cross a certain age. Wonder why?

They have their exams coming up and hence the owner of the coaching class, My dear friend Mr. Sachin Dhatavkar asked me to pep them up for the exams. Had a similar interaction with the same faces in July too.

I had to deliver three sessions of two hours each back to back from Morning 8 to 2 pm to three different batches of approximately 150- 180 students in each batch.

The content was specifically customised to their immediate problems like fear of failure, fear of exams, laziness, memorising problems, confidence and intense motivation. I prepared the powerpoints last night upto 10.30 and left for home pretty late. Got up at 4 am today and left for the venue at 5.30 am. Mumbai never sleeps, I catch a 6:01 Dadar local from Vasai and guess what the train gets packed to full house in just 1.2 secs of the train arriving on the platform. Fortunately, I catch a window seat. I look around, breathe the air, there's freshness in the air on this cool November morning, the sun is just about blossom over the planet, the lovely crescent moon in the east hovering above the far off mountains and I realise life is so beautiful, god made it with so much passion. And look at us simply destructing his creations and inviting our own doom.

I reach the venue on time, with my workmate Raghunath, what will I do without him, he's accompanied me to run the ppt's while I am presenting.. Great guy. The audience begins to gather, I ask Sachin to give me a small brief about my objective with each batch, I suddenly go blank, nervousness builds, hands start sweating, feet start trembling, the curious look on the students face scares me, I am on stage, my name being announced, 300 eyeballs stare at me... Mom, where are You.. I want to go home... I am scared.... Feel like the first day of school.

As I am invited to take over the stage, I pray and ask my students to pray too. Started this practice as I feel praying helps one focus on the task in hand and forget the world for that particular moment. Suddenly, I get a warm wave of energy in my body, My cold feet now start pacing up and down across the stage, I cry out loud GOOOOOOD MORNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING.... And I get a roar equal to a 1000 warriors in return GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNING SIR!

Fantastic... I am in charge, the audience's roar gets me into the frequency to teach, move them, motivate them and above all prepare them mentally to fight their upcoming exams and in life. I love it, their applause, their unified laughter, getting desired reactions from them every time I want one.... fantastic.. I feel as though the audience is breathing in symphony with me, they listen, ask and they explore... I love motivating people, I love the nobility in the profession, wanting others to win in life, I just love getting up every morning inspiring the world to do something great today and everyday... Simply, I am a satisfied speaker today, happy with my performance on stage, loved the audience, they connected with me too, I wish them all the best!!!!

truly.. I feel Like god today.. will definitely have a deep satisfied sleep.

Love Mohnish

P.s. Got to lose weight man...........

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alls well that ends well!!

Mangal Aarambh

Guess what ! I didn't wake up at 5 am today as planned. In fact I didn't wake up at all as I just couldn't sleep last night. Dunno what kept be bothering.

Had a great morning with MBA students. Gave them a lot of material support to read which took them by surprise as I am the only lecturer who has done it for them yet.

I enjoy teaching marketing and sales. I get highly passionate and creative. Maybe it's because I worked under the best salesman in Eureka forbes in India Mr. Santosh nair, a great motivational speaker and trainer. Will speak about him some other day.

Back to morning, After my session with students I went in to meet the coordinator of the said B school to discuss about my absentiesm for the last 3 weeks. She did mention about it being unprofessional but immediately took her words back when I educated her that professionalism is reciprocal and as I haven't been paid for the last 3 months, I should put my foot down too and not work for free.
She agreed and has promised to pay my dues in the next 3 days, lets see.....

I actually went in there today to quit, as I felt I was being taken for a ride, I went their due to my commitments to my students, was to handover all the important notes so that they are not left in the lurch and I was about to leave forever.

But I don;t know what happened, I didn't fight, I am going to get the money I deserve and also I haven't quit...

Great.. So alls well that ends well
I have a motivational session tomorrow for about 500 students of Std 12th, 15th from 8 am to 2 pm at lower parel at one of my customers coaching classes.

Must prepare for tomorrow.. must leave...have to get up early again..i.e. if I sleep




Monday, November 24, 2008

Mangal aarambh

A bit frustrated right now. Leaving office.. interrupted by maternal calls regarding paternal immaturity and addictive annoyance.
Am worried. Hope i don't lose my sensibilities. have a very early session tomorrow at 7.30 am. Must get home, eat, sleep and must must get up at 5 am.
Hope I survive.

Is child really the father of man or is it just valid in my case... wondering?

Hope to have a great sales and business development day tomorrow.

Good night

Must get out !

Monday 24th November 2008 1:36 p.m. Mangal Aarambh

The day starts worried, apprehensive, tense and with a lot zest to do something big.
Confusing I know. I have been spending the weekend reading THE ANSWER by entrepreneur/Coach John Assaraf and Mr. Murray.

I also spent my Sunday overeating my favorite ladies finger curry. Feeling pathetic and guilty now.. I am very aggressively trying to lose weight.. in my mind that is but am unable to execute it physically. I motivate the world to go beyond the comfort zone but am unable to do so for myself in the health department. However, I have already started the process. Am on a veggie diet and moreover will start Yoga and cardio tonite in the office.

I have to get aggressive, follow a strict routine, controlled healthy diet and above all focus on sales in a big way for my coaching firm Maple Dreams. Business has suffered in the last one year due to my mental inability to push myself and my team. I went through immense pain and anguish after the sudden demise of my beloved Amma- my mom's mom... and more like an angel to me. Her death has left many questions unanswered, many dreams crushed and above all has taken away my purpose to take big strides in life and business. But I have now realized that this self imposed depression will only affect my existing family's financial security and my future.

I must get out of this self pity mode and must get back in shape mentally and physically... I must.... I must

And let the race begin.

Love Mohnish

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Will I?

Friday 21st November 2008 Mangal Aarambh 8.50 p.m.

Today, the heart heaves a huge sigh,
Sigh of anxiety or relief I know not,
The pain of the soul overwhelms the mind,
Will I win through the journey, I Doubt.

I know somewhere, with time,
and growing age, there's light at the end.
The body retiring, the wait impatiently,
pushing me to life, that I want to mend.

The cold days, hostile nights,
raising questions of self worth.
With every passing day, I cry,
Life, at me smiles in mirth.

I know I can,
I know I will.
With mounting troubles,
I pray I don't give in.

I push my confidence,
I won't stop till I Die,
Raises, then, this pensive mind a question,
Will I Be happy, Joyful & rich, will I??

Poverty and us

Joy needs no opulence, no exaggerated toys of luxury, no over explosion of material comfort.

Joy is a deeper and an internal strength that derives its power from being happy with what one has and feeling blessed for it.

Yes aspirations do exist, but joy is not a result of achievement of aspirations, happiness is plainly loving what you have and thanking the almighty for the same.

Hence, it would be truly insulting the existence of the poor if one started pitying them for their plight and assume that they can only enjoy the joy of others.

They have their own life to live and their own reasons to be joyful and smile. It's just that the reasons we associate with pleasure may be unknown to them or maybe we are indifferent to what gives them joy.

Different people have different motives, different people have have different catalysts. So lets stop pitying the poor and in an unfair manner believe that they are anywhere lower to where we stand.

All of us have been given a stage to perform, some on the streets, some perform on celluloid. It's the scale thats different, the performance is equally passionate at all levels.

If at all we can do something for the less privileged, let us stop pitying and for a change buy dinner for at least one guy on the street tonight and you have made a difference.

A better way is to just see how can we create reasons for the chosen ones to buy their daily bread on their own.
So lets join hands and create reasons for growth and not sit in Ac rooms and pity the poor and derive pleasure out of helplessness masqueraded as
Lets Make Someone Smile Today. I Start with myself. Lets buy dinner tonight for a family on street.

Love Mohnish

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I loved it when life showered me,

With the warmth of a family,

The frolic of friends,

The freedom with a lover,

The wealth at work,

The fame, the world bestowed me with.

And I loved every moment of it.

Today, I cry, shout in despair,

With pain, angst, revenge & pity galore.

I hate it when it showered me,

With the thorns of anger,

With the rage of dissonance.

Stones thrown at me and my existence,

My loved ones too, not left out.

And I hate every moment of it.

I realize, I am in life, I am me.

I move on, waiting for the sun to rise,

The birds to chirp again,

The breeze to soothe my wounds.

The sun does rise,

Birds do fly,

Breeze does soothe me…

And I realize didn’t they do so?

When I smiled &

When I cried.

This is life, I cry,

It’s me, who dances at the first ray,

Who moans as it sets.

It’s me, who feels the soothing breeze,

And curse it when it’s cold and chill.

It’s me; in birds that sees the liberty,

It’s me, who finds melody in their chirp.

It’s me who cries in victory

And smiles at a foe’s loss.

It’s me … yes… It’s just ME!!

I am in life, I am ME!