Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wealth Strategies...


Focus on your own richness of life, and let your wealth match it

Many Advisors in the past have made financial objectives their sole concern and heavy price for their success – poor health, failed marriages, neglected friendships, and no personal development in any area except business.

Financial success, no matter how great, can never compensate for poor quality of life. In the same scheme of things, a properly functioning business is supposed to be the servant of a full and satisfactory life that includes good health, close and loving relationships, recreation, culture, and a powerful contribution to the community.

The Proactive Advisor will develop a personal life that is multidimensional and characterized by an ever-increased quality of experience, while increasing his or her income continually to support that quality.

This first strategy is the foundation for all the others. An insurance career, no matter how successful, is just one dimension of a whole lifetime. And if that lifetime is to be a happy and satisfying one, it must have many more dimensions besides a successful insurance career.

At the same time, the life Financial advisor who is multidimensional in his or her approach to life never suffers any loss of opportunity or income because of his or her interest and involvements in other things besides business.

That’s because quality of life quality of life. Individuals who are multidimensional attract other individuals who are multidimensional.

The Advisor who establishes a lifetime perspective that includes many different dimensions of experience will communicate a quality of life that makes him or her highly attractive to the very best kind of clients, support staff, and centers of influence.

Life Financial advisors, among all business practitioners, should be the most multidimensional in their interests. That’s because, of all professions in the world, Advisors are able to ask questions about every aspect of a prospect’s or client’s life. No one gets to ask the range of human-interest questions that an Advisor asks-not lawyers, not accountants, not doctors, not members of the clergy. Advisors get to ask about everything. In fact, they must ask about everything in order to create the appropriate insurance protection.

This is one of the main reasons why clients are loyal to Financial advisors, but not to insurance companies. The Advisor, if he or she is a multidimensional person, is the one who assists the client in thinking clearly about the deepest issues of the future, including the consequences of death and disability.

It is the Advisor who assists the client in making crucial decisions about taxation, investments, retirement, inheritance, business partnership and succession, charitable giving and benefits for employees. All of these take into account the client’s purpose in business and in life his or her values, interests, and, ultimately, his or her significance as a human being

The more multidimensional you are in your own life, the more you will be able to connect with all the dimensions of each of your clients’ lives. And your income will naturally and significantly increase to match this lifetime process of experimentation, discovery, learning, and growth.

In order to keep this multidimensional strategy in mind, here are several things to remember.
· Recognize that you will judge yourself by your whole life, not just your career.

When you get to the end of your life, you won’t be judging yourself on premium sales and commission dollars, renewals and persistency, or president’s club or top of the table. Rather, you will be looking at how you handled your relationships, how you developed your abilities, how you followed up on your interests in life, and how much gave back to your many communities.

· Compile a list of everything extraordinary that you want to do in your life, and strive to achieve each item.

Schedule these extraordinary achievements over the course of an entire lifetime. Every year complete four or five things that you’ve dreamed about doing. In the course of your lifetime, you will meet a wide diversity of human beings, and you will have mastered a wide range of different abilities.

· Create a strategy of giving back to everyone and everything in your life.
Establish yourself as a creative benefactor in every area of your life. Always give back for everything that you receive. Other people immediately recognize this quality and find it not only attractive but inspiring. To bring inspiration into the lives of others, and to do so in a unique and interesting manner based on many different kinds of life experience, is perhaps the greatest gift that anyone can provide over the course of a lifetime.