Saturday, November 22, 2008

Will I?

Friday 21st November 2008 Mangal Aarambh 8.50 p.m.

Today, the heart heaves a huge sigh,
Sigh of anxiety or relief I know not,
The pain of the soul overwhelms the mind,
Will I win through the journey, I Doubt.

I know somewhere, with time,
and growing age, there's light at the end.
The body retiring, the wait impatiently,
pushing me to life, that I want to mend.

The cold days, hostile nights,
raising questions of self worth.
With every passing day, I cry,
Life, at me smiles in mirth.

I know I can,
I know I will.
With mounting troubles,
I pray I don't give in.

I push my confidence,
I won't stop till I Die,
Raises, then, this pensive mind a question,
Will I Be happy, Joyful & rich, will I??

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