Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poverty and us

Joy needs no opulence, no exaggerated toys of luxury, no over explosion of material comfort.

Joy is a deeper and an internal strength that derives its power from being happy with what one has and feeling blessed for it.

Yes aspirations do exist, but joy is not a result of achievement of aspirations, happiness is plainly loving what you have and thanking the almighty for the same.

Hence, it would be truly insulting the existence of the poor if one started pitying them for their plight and assume that they can only enjoy the joy of others.

They have their own life to live and their own reasons to be joyful and smile. It's just that the reasons we associate with pleasure may be unknown to them or maybe we are indifferent to what gives them joy.

Different people have different motives, different people have have different catalysts. So lets stop pitying the poor and in an unfair manner believe that they are anywhere lower to where we stand.

All of us have been given a stage to perform, some on the streets, some perform on celluloid. It's the scale thats different, the performance is equally passionate at all levels.

If at all we can do something for the less privileged, let us stop pitying and for a change buy dinner for at least one guy on the street tonight and you have made a difference.

A better way is to just see how can we create reasons for the chosen ones to buy their daily bread on their own.
So lets join hands and create reasons for growth and not sit in Ac rooms and pity the poor and derive pleasure out of helplessness masqueraded as
Lets Make Someone Smile Today. I Start with myself. Lets buy dinner tonight for a family on street.

Love Mohnish

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